Thursday, June 17, 2004

Great days in Iraq 

By Mrs.S
The historic period that Iraq has been passing nowadays is very important and critical in governing the country and it is considered the main steps in putting the basic bricks in the political building of the new democratic Iraq, the coming period forms serious challenges both on the interior and exterior yard..
In the midst of these atmospheres and the wild attacks from different directions, mostly from outside Iraq, a very heavy inheritance of debts for foreign countries, the losses of the wars that the tyrant involved Iraq in, the robbed rights by the tyrant and his followers...... Iraqi people, after all that period came out exhausted and poverty is the main feature for Iraqis when the total income for an Iraqi reached to 50$ a year, even less than any citizen in poor countries...
Iraq one of the richest countries of the world in regard to his natural resources of oil, agriculture, animal resources..etc.. but the tyrannic policies of the previous regimes did not allow Iraq to develop, and did not allow the people to think freely and share in building their country..
We have enormous number of bright-minded young men and women who can build Iraq and be side by side with the most advanced countries in the world...
Those educated people were in need to one important thing....Freedom...which was something impossible.. Now we are learning new concepts in life; freedom and democracy, we did not have such words previously..

We hope that the interim government will cover all the sections of Iraqi people and make wide consultations and local conferences, and avoid ethics and sectarianism and consider all Iraqis are the same in their rights and duties..

We are in continuous discussion of the next government and what will this government is going to achieve for the poor Iraqi who is thirsty for fair and respectable life.
This government will be a distinguished sign in our history which was colored by blood left by the alternating savage tyrannic regimes that ruled Iraq since the foundation of the Iraqi state.
For the first time the president is chosen and not by a bloody coup and body eliminations..
This is a very important step for establishing the next democratic elections...

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