Friday, June 18, 2004

Dear Dan..Jeff here are the answers for your questions:
** Why do Iraqis continue to watch it? What is the reason that they still have an audience, Ays?
Dan R.
Aljazeera’s audience began to decrease because:
- New channels concentrate on Iraq news and programs ( AlHurra and AlSharqiya), those two channels are the main cause of ignoring Aljazeera in Iraq..
- The Iraqi people realized that this channel never cares to Iraqis and does not want Iraq to be a calm and secure country..
- Their reporters are now well-known in regard to their lies and biased news ..

And some Iraqis continue to watch it cause they have a few good programs related to history, politics.. etc.

** I have not heard of Al-Sharqyia. Who runs it?

AlSharqiya is a new channel run by the Iraqis, it’s on the NileSat, ArabSat... you can find it on NileSat with the following information:
V 11785MHz
27500 Ks/s

and the ArabSat 2AK:

You’ll find this logo..
Iraqis like this channel cause they missed the Iraqi slang on the satellite channels! Also they have local news.. So they are watching AlSharqiya entertainingly..

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