Wednesday, June 30, 2004

.. On Monday I watched the news about Iraq handover and was changing the channels one after one watching how Iraqis were glad on this day and that they hope the new president and prime minister will achieve many things to them, they talked about the security situation and expressed their trust in the interim government to control it, and raising the economical status of the people.. Even AlArabiya began to change their way in dealing with the news regarding Iraq, which makes Moaffaq AlRubaie’e, our national security advisor, to express that openly in a live program on AlArabiya when he said ‘ I want to say something to AlArabiya, which recently became a friend to the Iraqi people,.....’ and continued his speech.. The broadcaster was so embarrassed and replied ‘ but we are always freinds..’..!
WHILE.. AlJazeera showed some people who were cursing everyone, angrily shouting and expressing their refusal to the interim government and the United States, with some usual terms of :CIA agents, stealing the oil, Jewish plans, occupation, OBL is an American plan.....blah..blah..blah.., then the reporter turned to the camera and said: ‘ as you see all Iraqis here are pessimistic’ ! ‘THANK YOU SOOO MUCH’ the announcer replied... I’m sure they have raised her salary for that ‘great’ news...
When I changed the channel to AlJazeera I thought that they would be ashamed and hopefully change their morals and behavior on this day.. But.. No use..
I wonder when will they get off our back..?

.. Today is an ordinary day, I don’t see any celebrations in Baghdad, but you can read the congratulations in the newspapers, and if you want to ask anyone about this day he’ll reply : ‘ Well, I’m glad for that.. it’s good, but the important thing is the security, electricity, economical things..etc’ which means that Iraqis welcomes anyone who leads the country to achieve these things, then if all those problems will be solved, they’ll talk about democracy, elections..etc..
I think it’s a normal answer, they’ll wait to see what will happen in the coming months and then decide..
On the other hand, there will be big challenges waiting for the Int. Govt. And they have to succeed..... it’s a difficult task, but I trust Mr.Allawi will do his best.


I read some confusing news in AlSabah newspaper, I’m translating it, and will be posting tomorrow..

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