Tuesday, June 22, 2004


** My father has just arrived from ‘AlShoarjah’, a neighborhood in the center of Baghdad, well-known in it’s traffic jams, chaos, vendors here and there taking as much place as they could from the streets.... Thieves... BUT.. Today.. “ I’ve never seen AlShoarjah like this before.. The IP are everywhere.. The traffic police are controlling the streets .. It’s so refreshing” my father said..
He said that the driver was so happy when he passed through this neighborhood “ it’s impossible ! No traffic jams ! Am I dreaming?!” the driver said.. He was astonished at the scene of that place..

** My brother also was out, he has seen the IP with an intensified existence, well-trained individuals and many checkpoints inside Baghdad...
Mr.Ayad Allawi promised the Iraqis to control the security situation in the coming days, and he’s doing that... Good work.

** In ‘AlSabah AlJadeed’ newspaper: 843Iraqi officers accomplished the training in Jordan, which is a part of the coalition’s plan to recruit and organize the Iraqi army..

** The Ministry of Electricity said that the power in the coming days will be 16 hours a day for 8 hours of outages... we are waiting for this great news.. Hopefully they’ll improve it together with the help of the IP to protect the institutes and power stations from the sabotage..

** the power workers are working hard in many neighborhoods in Baghdad.. I took this photo for them when they were repairing one of the towers....

** Here is another photo for the balloon.. It’s better than the previous one..right?

** Have you ever seen like this car before ?! carrying millions of tanks in such a car!! I hope the traffic police will see him..!

** Finally: My sisters got their results in the final exams with very good marks...so we have a nice party today.. I wish you could be here, friends... ..may be in the near future...OK?

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