Wednesday, June 16, 2004

... Awhile ago I watched on Al-Sharqyia a good news regarding the security situation in Baghdad, they met some IP officers in the city who explained the new plans of the Ministry of Interior, he said that there are different forces of the IP are patrolling now in Baghdad even at night..
Then they met many people who were so pleased with the new look of Baghdad’s streets, one of them said: ‘thank God, now we feel much more better regarding the security in Baghdad’ ‘I came here with my kids to this park, we spent a very nice time here.. As you see we are here at night!.. we hope the IP continues their great work’...he added.
Another one said: ‘it’s something wonderful.. The security is better than before.. We hope the new government go on and on in such great achievements..’..
Those people were so happy..
This channel showed many IP cars making checkpoints in many streets and stopped some of suspicious cars..
Al-Sharqyia always shows the good and bad news...

I turned it on Al-Jazeera when they were asking Iraqis about the coming trial of Saddam, I’m sure that they met many many of them saying that they are waiting for this great day..BUT they showed someone who angrily said : ‘ Saddam is a hero and he shouldn’t be treated like that’!!

Let’s Bomb Al-Jazeera !!

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