Monday, June 07, 2004

Adnan AlPachachi 

I watched a program on Al-Arabiya, the guest was Mr.Adnan Al-Pachachi the member of the ex-governing council, he’s talked about what was going on in the GC and why he’s apologized from being a candidate..he looked sad and angry at the same time.
Mr.Pachachi said that there were some conspiracies in the GC against me, and that some of them should be ashamed from what they have done..
And ‘some of them were irresponsible and do not care for Iraqis’ needs, they were preoccupied in how to make use of their positions’
He said: ‘ Ghazi Alyawr was always telling me that he considers me as his uncle and that he follows me in everything I see it right... he’s a good and educated man, BUT, how can they make a comparison between us, all my long experience, my history and age were put aside.. I don’t know why they did that..is that because of the tribes? Do we want a tribal law?’ he laughed and said: ‘ I think we should progress and forget such things, we need a state of law not tribes’..
Mr.Pachachi discussed the things that made some members ‘hate him’ as he said... : Liberalism, Secularism and that he was calling for women rights and freedom...
Actually, I respect this man so much, he’s the best for the new Iraq..
Who’s the responsible for the 'conspiracy’( and I beleive in Mr.Pachachi and that there was a plot? What do you think?

According to Mr.Pachachi’s ideas and attitudes such as:
1- He was the first who called for the Kurds’ rights in autonomy before more than 35 years.
2- Calling for Turkmens’ rights as a group which also constitute a percent of the population..
3- Mr.Pachachi is from the Sunni Muslims and when they wanted from every member in the GC to nominate Ministers, he has put up Mr.Mahdi AlHafud ( now the Minister of Planning) and he’s a Shi’ite, and many other names for Shia men and women, so he doesn’t believe in such things as many other members.. Sunni member chose Sunni men and Shia members also did the same in choosing from their branch..
And the most important point:
4- Secularism, Liberalism and Women rights..

And the Christians love him so much for his ideas and demands in Secularism and Liberalism, and they have all the right to feel safe and secure in this society were Muslims want to make everything as they like...

So, Christians, Kurds and Turkmens have nothing to do with the conspiracy..
And some other Muslim members are also away from being accused..

I THINK ( according to the above 4 points) that those who voted for the cancelled resolution (137 ) are the responsible for that and they hate Mr.Pachachi for his opinions and demands, those members who are against Liberalism and Secularism and Women rights.. And they are well known..so they spread the rumor: ‘ Americans prefer AlPachachi and they will work to make him win’..
These rumors made Mr.Pachachi so sad .. He was so upset because of what those members did, then he refused the position at all.
The good point is that he’ll stand as a candidate in the coming elections..

Regarding the new interim government, I think Ayad Allawi is in the right place, and by time we’ll notice the difference, I hope everything will be fine in the coming days...

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