Saturday, May 01, 2004

I didn't know how to answer.. 

“ When the parents and relatives of those prisoners who have been abused buy RPGs and launch at the ‘occupation’ troops for revenge, Americans will call them ‘insurgents’.. Come on you Pro-American, what will you say in this situation?..I’m sure it will happen and they’ll show them their reaction..”
In fact, I felt so embarrassed when my friend..N.. Said that.
Those soldiers were so mean, coward and idiots when they did that..
( I read this and this)..
I explained how George W Bush dealt with that and how those soldiers brought to justice, but N replied : “ OK.. I liked the idea that they might be fired, but you didn’t answer my question..”
I said : “ Come on N this is an army, you can’t fetch hundreds of thousands of angels, surely there would be few dump and heedless soldiers”..

N replied: “ and Iraqis should ask the soldiers ‘ hey you ..are you heedless’!! Come on AYS ..Iraqis will hate all the troops because of that, it’s so disgusting to hear what they did”..

“ At least everything happens will be known now and nothing hidden, even the officers been punished and no one is above the law, you couldn’t see or hear that before..”

And we finished our short debate cause N has some work to do so he left me, he was so angry and disappointed.

What do you think about this subject? And I want to ask : Are there some lessons given to the soldiers about the behavior and how they should deal with the prisoners cause this is very important for the army’s reputation so their country?

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