Sunday, May 23, 2004

The Electric power 

It’s too hot, the temperature is increasing day by day, June is coming, just ask the American soldiers who were here last year about the weather in Summer.. It’s really intolerable..
The electric power is unstable, now we have only 8 hours of electricity daily.. And the people are asking about their fate this Summer!
The Minister of Electricity showed on the TV saying that in the coming 10 days people will witness a very noticeable change in the power and Baghdad will have 18 hour of electricity.. It’s good.. It’s very good.. BUT.. We heard many announcements by the superiors about this but nothing changed..
We were saying that some sabotage acts affect the efficiency of the power, but always the superiors were saying that they repaired the defects and everything were being returned to it’s normal function..
The people lost the trust in anyone says: ‘ the power will be improved’..
The Minster has been told to import many generators to solve the problem until the big power stations been built, but he refused.. I don’t know why! It’s told that the Minister ‘ does not want temporary solutions’! And also I don’t know why he doesn’t!
The officials in the power institutes say that many people have been purchasing electrical equipments such as air conditioners and many other things.. So what is the solutions? Had they better not to buy anything in order to go with the power.. It’s not a logical solution..the people were forbidden for decades from such ‘ inventions’! Now their salaries are very good and they can buy anything they want, they get so happy every-time they receive the salary..
On the other hand, those terrorists are targeting the contractors and the foreign officials who are working here in Iraq cause they are ‘helping America’! And they are helping in destroying Iraq ( which is the main task for those terrorists).. Many companies are afraid of coming here because of the security situation and afraid of being kidnaped and beheaded..
They have all the right to withdraw their officials, they came here to rebuild and they are killed, so why they stay here? They prefer to go back home, they have their wives, kids and friends who care about them..

And we are the victims.. Terrorists are destroying Iraqis directly and indirectly by attacking those who are helping us..

I do trust in the coalition and the coming new government, I hope everything will be all right in the future..

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