Monday, May 24, 2004


My brother took this photo in one of Baghdad streets.. This man was wearing a suit written on it ‘Long live the great leader Saddam’!!
This man is insane, the people said he’s complaining from a psychiatric disorder.. Others said he was in the prison and he got it due to the torture acts..
I remember many other insane people who were tortured in Saddam’s prison, one of them was always roaming in the streets carrying the old currency that bears Saddam’s photo pointing at it and crying ‘ Is this man who scares you? Is he? You coward people..’!
Another one used to hike at noon putting on his torn clothes and shout ‘ Saddam is the small Allah.. Yahya AlBa’ath’ ( viva the Ba’ath)..!
It was funny but very sad at the same time..just imagine what types of torture they endured...
In fact.. When I remember those people and many other stories about the prisons.. I feel like what few soldiers did in Abu Ghraib is nothing compared to the past decades...
Hope nothing like this or that will be committed in the new Iraq..

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