Wednesday, May 05, 2004

##.. A new Iraqi satellite channel named ' Al-Sharqiya' ( the Eastern) started yesterday, I heard that UAE supports this channel, I watched some dramatic videoclips for Iraqi actors about the situation in Iraq, they were clearly upset and bored.. I heard nothing but complaints on this channel.. I'm afraid that they'll concentrate on the bad things only..
However, let's wait for their news and reports..

## On my way to Basra, I saw the vehicles that have been bombed in Amara, they were more than 4 ( I think ), many idiots were in, on, around, beneath, above the vehicles !! stealing everything even the engine, the passengers said : " yes.. Good you heros..!!", ..I'm so angry..sad.. ashamed.... I wanted to kill those men.. those people don't deserve the life, where were the tanks and Humvees?.. I prefer killing them all.. come on bomb them.. I don't care, bomb the whole country and make the population decrease to 5 millions only, if you can pick 5 million good man and woman and bomb the rest, it's OK..
how disgusting..

## I heard that the detainees in Abu Ghraib are a mixture of criminals, insurgents and suspects!! all of them are in the same place.. are they fools to put them together?
The suspects must be in another place to investigate with..right?..

## It's sooo hot here, some power outages+ mosquitoes+ intolerable temperature+ depression+ silly opinions from some officials make me about to kill myself !!
Hey Omar.. don't forget the beer or anything you can fetch.. remember.. I'll never open the door for you if you forget..

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