Saturday, April 17, 2004

## Yesterday.. my brother-in-law and I were hiking in Baghdad streets, we noticed something unusual ( or was unusual !) we saw nearly all the workshops and some markets were closed, we asked “Why?!”.. after a while we remembered that yesterday was Friday.. And Friday is a holiday.. it means that the people started to have rest on Friday cause the economical status is getting better and better since the liberation so they can earn enough in 6 days and decided to have rest.. GREAT.. Iraqis were working day and night under Saddam.. they were about to die from working ! And poor people get a little money to keep their families alive..
Now they’re comfortable, I hope the security situation will be better in the coming days in order to make those families get out to picnics and travel…
I’m sure everything will be OK..

## Beyond the fact if what happened in Falluja was right or wrong.. I think battalion 36 must be punished .... what did they mean by ‘refusing to fight’ ? what will happen if the coalition forces decide to fight Al-Mahdi militia( the thieves! ) ? Will another battalion say “ No..we don’t fight Iraqis” ..Huh.. they don’t fight insurgents.. they don’t fight Muqtada’s scum.. they don’t fight anyone!! Then why they are soldiers.. what’s their duty? Receiving salaries monthly and go back home? Damn it.. those lazy stupid men, how will they get the job of defending their country in the future?.. How can they keep Iraq safe and secure?

## I received some e mails asking about the donations and money transfer. I think they are new friends.. you welcome..
you can find everything here..( the link is on the left ‘Info on donations’)..

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