Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Tomorrow !! 

Tomorrow is a great day, yes.. A great day, we have to celebrate, we MUST celebrate, I MUST be happy, all the schools and colleges MUST prepare for this day otherwise......., come on, all Ministries, all the institutes MUST make parties, all the streets MUST be adorned with ornaments and flowers, all the B.....ts MUST hold meetings discussing what they are going to do tomorrow, come on B....ts you MUST get ready to buy tons of cake for the party.
BUT... wait a minute, I don’t see any preparations!! where are the flatters? where are the presents? What’s going on? The people aren’t afraid ?!! impossible! We used to be ready for this anniversary many weeks ago, Hmmm.. I’m sure there’s something abnormal...

Hahaha.. Tomorrow is Saddam’s blessed birthday April 28 !!!!!!!! but he’s not here, so come on Iraqis, don’t be rude, let’s get there at his new house and throw a piece of cake in his jail !!

Thank God, we don’t have to pretend anymore, we are not afraid, tomorrow is an ordinary day, we have many channels to watch, we won’t be watching at Saddam’s channel anymore, we are not afraid from that decree that Saddam used to state on his birthday after he finishes many bottles of Whisky : ‘Let all the prisoners get out, this is a noble deed from the president, but don’t steal and kill.. OK.. ? come on ..feel free to roam in your country’ ! That’s why the criminals love him.!

Thank God, Saddam has gone forever, I hope someday we Iraqis, Americans, British and all the brave people who liberated us make parties and celebrate, cooperate and live in peace and build a prosperous world for our children and for us...

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