Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Thieves and idiots ! 

Surely you’re watching what’s happening now in some neighborhoods in Iraq.. let me explain something about this militia.. ( you’ll never hear a similar explanation in any TV channel or radio stations… but this is the truth and the real picture of Muqtada’s group)..
First of all:
That angry dumb and silly boy is not respected by many religious leaders here in Iraq and consider him as a child , he don’t have the right to be a religious leader and he don’t have any ‘logical and legislative Islamic studies’ regarding Islam and ‘Sharia’..
Second.. that foolish boy has many thieves following him.. why? Do you know that neighborhood ‘ Althawra’ or ‘ Al-Sadr city’ in Baghdad? This is the worst place in Iraq.. yes .. all Iraqis hate that place and never ever reach there.. More than 75% of this neighborhood are thieves and murders .. they are responsible for the looting and robbery acts last year.. and of course due to their rapid and uncontrolled reproduction ( just like the rabbits) ,they have many relatives in some neighborhoods in Iraq, so when they felt that Muqtada is so permissive and may encourage such robberies; they followed him.. they love him.. they feel that he’s one of them and his laws are very compatible with their disgusting thoughts and mean goals..
Now we have a silly angry boy and thieves..

The third point .. many idiots still remember his father and they feel that he continues his father’s message in Islam.. the crowds are always around that boy listening to his words that incite and urge them to disobey whatever the GC and CPA say..
Now we have a silly angry boy, thieves and idiots..!
Wow.. what a group!!
I’m afraid the world will say that Iraqis don’t deserve the liberation because of those people..
Here in Basra, few Muqtada’s men are preparing themselves, hiking among the people and in front of banks and shops waiting for another looting and robbery acts and spreading rumors about the situation in other provinces.. they say that the governmental institutes are robbed and everything lost..etc..trying to breach the peace.. some of them are carrying sacks to rob the bank if their ‘leader’ will succeed and control Iraq!!
Got the picture of this militia?!
Of course there’s no one channel can interview an educated Iraqi who dares to say all of that about this militia ..
BTW I’m sure that Al-Jazeera is dancing now!

The good things are:
It’s told that the British troops came to the banks and took all the money to be kept in safe places until the chaos comes to an end..
And some districts here in Basra came to a great idea, the Sheiks of many tribes held a meeting and decided to sign on papers promising that any person dares to breach the peace in their areas will be arrested or killed immediately and no one will protect him even if he was one of their tribes.. this meeting relieved the people so much…

Nearly a similar situation happened in 1999 in ‘Al-Sadr city’ when Saddam killed Muqtada’s father.. the angry people in that disgusting neighborhood made a simple chaos in the beginning , do you know what happened ? do you know how Saddam dealt with them?... a few cars went there immediately and a few men got out of the cars carrying different types of guns and rifles and started to fire continuously at them until all those people entered their houses and many of them were killed and left on the streets… then Saddam’s men completed their mission and went back..

I don’t want to say that the same thing should be done.. but I just want to say that the GC and CPA must control this freedom because it’s used improperly..

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