Thursday, April 01, 2004

The Summer is coming... 

Tomorrow, I have to set out to Basra.. I’ll be staying for a couple of weeks, so I think I’ll be posting every Wednesday..as you know, I should travel from the district to Basra’s center to find an internet café, it takes at least 70 min to reach there..
By the way.. you’ve encouraged me to practice and continue drawing, so I’m going to take my drawing books and draw there..( thank you Lisa.. I’ve printed all the book and I’ll take it with me..)
The temperature is increasing day by day.. the officials in Basra said that in July and August the air conditioning systems can’t go with the heat overthere!!
I’m afraid my brain will be damaged under the sun! you know.. when I have to travel to Basra’s center in August to get an access to the internet; don’t blame on me when I write ! I’m sure I’ll be complaining from hallucination !!!
There’s another thing in Basra.. the moisture.. it’s intolerable, the residents said that you can’t breathe properly.. God.. what shall I do?!!
However.. I’m an Iraqi.. and Iraqis used to endure everything..!!

Here in Baghdad.. the Summer is also intolerable, I remember that poor American soldier who was organizing and controlling the queue of cars at the petrol station last Summer.. an Iraqi asked him “ How do you do?” the soldier replied “ it’s HOT” ! .. then he continued walking looking over the queue.. SUDDENLY.. he stopped and bent his head toward the ground.. then twirled around himself and fell down !! at once the soldiers rushed him to a shade and took care of him..
I hope that he returned back home and won’t try Iraqi Summer anymore !!
BTW friends how is it going in USA, U.K and other countries.. is it hot ? of course not !! the temperatures higher than 51 °C ( 123 °F) have been recorded in Iraq !!

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