Monday, April 26, 2004

The People and Media 

Regarding the attack that took place in Al-Sadr city a few days ago, a labor said that he saw one of the residents entered his house once the American troops came near their neighborhood, then he got out carrying RPG! And fired at them, then the American troops replied at the same place the rocket fired from..I told him “so they are firing only when they are facing an attack, right?” he replied “yes”..
(I wish someone meet this guy on TV..).
The labor ( was working in the maintenance works at our house) said: “ I bet those who are in Falluja are always the attackers and they are always breaking the truce”..
Another one said: “ I hate those who are fighting in Falluja and those who call them ‘resistance’..they are fighting to serve their aims and never care of their country, most of them were the officers in the republican guards or special forces who had destroyed the Iraqi people in the uprising of 1991, I hated the Iraqi army since that time, Saddam was picking the officers from Al-Anbar and Mosul provinces, in addition to Tikrit of course, I want them seen humiliated and destroyed, I want to see the B52 bombing all the city” !! I told him : “ and the innocent people? What about the children?” he replied “ I don’t care” !! However, I finished the conversation with him cause he began to get upset and angry..
A friend of mine says “ those fighters in Falluja are the heros, they never accept those Americans inside their city” ( my friend is one of Saddam’s relatives!!!)..

Our neighbor says: “ the people in Falluja, Ramadi and other cities in Al-Anbar, had never seen a war, a real war, in Iraq-Iran war they were far away from all the battles, in 1991 and 2003 also, so they dared to fight and behave foolishly like a coddled and spoiled boy, they were the best for Saddam and now they’ve been defeated”..

I wish all the ATTACKERS will be killed, and never hear about accidents and victims, actually they are so mean to hide inside the city, fire from the houses and hide their ammo and weapons in Mosques ( then when the American forces bomb the Mosque, the disgusting cleric is shown on Al-Jazeera crying ‘LOOK AT THE MOSQUE, THEY DESTROYED IT, THEY ARE ATTACKING MUSLIMS, THEY HATE ISLAM, THEY....’)

and when Mark Kimmitt appears on the TV, he speaks very briefly about it, I wish there are reporters and cameramen in the battle zone who can take video clips showing the insurgents hiding in houses and Mosques, and help Kimmitt to use them as an evidence to convince the audience.

In fact, there should be a spokesman of the coalition who has the ability to talk well and convince the audience, those who are seen in interviews (talking Arabic so badly) are inefficient and should be replaced, I remember that interview on Al-Jazeera ( or Al-Arabia, I forgot which one, however they are the same!) They met an American superior who can hardly talk in Arabic, he was repeating useless words over and over, and answering things that never been asked because he wasn’t even understand what the questions were, this channel exploited this weak point to meet an American from Washington and an anti-American Arabic politician, the American man was obviously trying to say something important, but he couldn’t because of the language ( I prefer that he talked in English and let someone interpret, it’d be better), the fraud channel succeeded in showing the weak and unconvincing American opinions, of course when the Arabs watch that, they feel that the united states doesn’t have valid causes for her policy..
God, I’ve got sick from those channels...

UPDATE: I watched Mark Kimmitt showing a video clip about how the American troops and Iraqi police are helping the people in Falluja.. Good news..

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