Tuesday, April 27, 2004

The new Iraq flag.. 

As you know, the white color represents the peace, the two blue stripes represent Tigris and Euphrates, the yellow strip for the Kurds ( according to the color of the star on the Kurds’ flag), and the blue crescent represents Islam, I like the idea of the crescent, not because of what it represents, but you know there’ll be some people crying for the ‘God is greatest’ statement which was on the old flag, so this crescent will do the work!
The flag is fine, at least this is the first step to get rid of Arabic thoughts of battles, revenge and other useless things, as in a poem that describes the old Iraq flag, the poet enthusiastically wrote about the red color on the flag that represents the BLOOD and sacrifices, the black color for the enemies’ lands that would be turned to DARK and gloomy lands ( power and ability to fight any enemy), the green is the color of the beautiful Arabic lands and the white as they’d make peace with those who want peace.
Actually, all the above four descriptions don’t represent the real picture now, ( especially the black and green!! We can see them in Europe and America, green lands and powerful armies that can level all the enemies’ cites! ).. So let’s be realistic and start to cooperate with the real powerful and serious countries to make peace be upon all the world.
It’s normal that some Iraqis disagree with the new design, they used to see the old colors for years, so it’s a matter of time.

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