Sunday, April 18, 2004

Iraq & Palestine 

I want to talk about the difference between the situation in Iraq and Palestine for those who are trying to join the two cases intentionally or foolishly!
So to all Arabs who are saying : “ poor Iraqis they are under the American occupation suffering and dying. We must help them.. we must…we must…”..
Please thank you so much and keep your ‘must’ for you and leave us alone with our ‘occupiers’.. yes.. just forget Iraq as a part of the Arab nation and don’t mix up the two ( Iraq and Palestine ) together, because there is no even one similar point between them..
The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is due to the land.. territories.. and I think everyone will live in peace there once the stupid leaders give up their arrogance and pride.. and stop washing the youth’ brains with thoughts that always lead them to death instead of trying to use them to share in discussions and try to find a solution for their issue peacefully..
Stop weeping and stop telling stories about how you’ve been persecuted for years, you have persecuted yourselves ..you are so stubborn and you don’t want to solve it since your leaders have the absurd and silly concept of ‘ I don’t shake hands with Israelis’ .. if you will go on thinking like that; then you’ll stay carrying your genuine pebbles and bluffed by your leaders..
( Huh.. they appointed a new leader for Hamas 'secretly'!! I bet his name will be known tomorrow in Israel!)

Regarding the situation in Iraq.. you have to be a little clever and forget the ideas of occupation, persecution and exploitation that you’ve been taught since your birth.. and try to understand the American aims first:
Defeating terrorists, make sure that WMD are in safe hands and letting democracy rules the countries that are suffering from the dictators since those are so dangerous and of course they’re supporting and paying for the terrorists…
So if one of the above exists in a country, it’ll be so dangerous if it’s left, cause as it becomes strong enough, it’ll be a threat for the whole world..

So this is for all: If you are talking naively, please shut up, and for those who are doing that intentionally and trying to mix the two issues and urging Iraqis to ‘resist’ and ‘revolt against the occupation’.. you have to be stopped by force, the regimes who are paying for you will no longer stay in power…

Iraq on the way of prosperous future in spite of you, so forget us..

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