Friday, April 30, 2004

The fall of Baghdad 

I hate this statement, I always read this word 'fall' in many channels, journals, internet..etc, why they are calling the word ‘fall’ to Baghdad? The people of Iraq were waiting for the coalition to liberate them not to knock their city down as this word means, the Iraqi army was exhausted and all the soldiers were forced to fight in that war, the big officers had orders to execute any soldier tried to desert, the soldier entered the war with no hope, he had the feeling of ‘I don’t want to fight’, and fight for what? What he had to fight for? Respect? Home? family? Money? .. Nothing, the only thing he was fighting for was Saddam, so all the soldiers were fighting and wanted to lose the war, they wanted to get rid of that monster... I wish I could take a photo for some soldiers before the war, they were so weak, tired, bankrupt, some of them were begging, others had relatives been executed or fled abroad because of Saddam... what do you expect from these men to do when someone tells them: You’re going to get rid of all this misery..?
I feel so astonished when those Iraqi ex-generals, brigadier generals and other officers (who were the only beneficiary in the army) showed in programs on Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabia talking about their plans and decisions, the causes of the ‘fall’ of Baghdad ..etc and never explain the psychological and economical status of the Iraqi soldier and feelings of the ordinary people, they only argued about the military superiority of the American army and the wrong administration of Qusay, of course they never give an ear to what the Iraqi people demand..those officers were killing the Iraqi soldiers everyday : ‘give me 50000D and I’ll let you go back home for a week’ ‘ I want you to buy ... for me and I’ll let you see your family for 3 days’, that was how were those officers dealing with the soldiers, bribes and insults.., the poor soldier had to work hard, serve the officers, feed his family,..all of that with the 3000D (1.5$) salary .... what a disgusting life!
We needed someone to liberate us.. Iraqis were waiting for years and saying ‘God is greatest, the most gracious the most merciful, he will save us from Saddam’ but he couldn’t !!! believe me some Iraqis were saying that also! So we were waiting for Mr.Bush to put his words into effect..
After the LIBERATION the American troops were patrolling in Baghdad neighborhoods and districts and the Iraqi men, women and children standing in front of their houses waving at them with their thumbs up, they were so happy, the Americans and Iraqis were helping each other in removing the rubbles, cleaning the areas that witnessed battles.. Then at evenings American soldiers were heading with their tanks and Humvees which were like new cars entered the city and not that scary military vehicles into soccer playgrounds to play with the Iraqi youth, they were really friends.. until the terrorists and insurgents began their devastating acts, they wanted to spoil this relation and turn the sentiment against the coalition.. However, I don’t want to go through this subject, all of us know what those terrorists want...

Back to the ‘fall’, this word is denoted for describing the success in the war against an Enemy, Is Baghdad an enemy..? Absolutely not.
Why don’t they say ‘Liberation of Baghdad’.. ‘Iraqi freedom’ .... ‘Fall of Saddam’.. ‘Fall of the dictator’ ?

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