Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Calm down... 

I came back to Baghdad yesterday, a bridge called ‘Diala bridge’ was bombed, I don’t know why, so we used another road..
We should travel from Basra through Amara.. Kut.. and then Baghdad, so each time I wanted to come back; I hear on the news that there are some encounters in kut or Amara and I give up!!
As I reached to Baghdad.. my sister shouted “ hey.. come and hear what Muqtada’s supporters did last week..they are monsters.. they were yelling and running on the streets like rabid dogs and when they reached at our college’s door the IP’s closed it immediately, those dogs were shaking the door and throwing stones at the college, they wanted to break and destroy everything .. Oh God.. my colleague and I were very very terrified.. you hear nothing but screams ..
It was a terrible day.. I hate those dogs .. I hate them… all the students hate them”
See how peaceful demonstrations they have !!

Regarding Falluja, I disagree with what was happening, I felt so sad as I heard about the children and women who have been killed, the coalition should have planned well before this operation..
If it’s because of the brutal act in Falluja; you can investigate and search for them, they were shown on the TV so it’s easy to know them.

If it’s due to the continued attacks on the coalition and the idea is to fight and kill them inside their city; the result will contain many innocent people as victims.

If this operation is to terrify them and make them give up the attacks.. you’re wrong, because in addition to the ex-regime groups that this city contains, Falluja’s men are so stubborn and tough.. I know them.. ( I lived in that province for a couple of years), if someone hurt them they’d never leave him go away or be permissive with him.. I don’t care for those who were killed carrying RPG’s and Ak47’s ..etc, but I feel so sad and sorry for those children and women who died, they have nothing to do with what those insurgents commit.. right?
Actually, such operations turn over the sentiment against the coalition.
I hope the truce will last for a long time.. it’s better to solve problems using discussions and joining opinions instead of military solutions, the peace is very important now..

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