Sunday, April 25, 2004

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## Hi friends,
I went to ‘Dar Al-Hanan’ ( compassion house) in Baghdad, this building provides housing for the severely handicapped children, and take care of them..
I met the boss, I told her that I want to donate to those poor children, she asked me about what type of donation I meant, I told her ‘food and toys’, she said “ OK, we are very thankful to you, but you need to have a permission from the social institute’s manager in order to accept the donations, you know.. The security problems’..
I’m afraid I won’t be able to meet him this week, so I’ll do that after I come back from Basra ( I’ll set out on Friday)..

## I took the first photos using the FugiFilm camera ( thank you again Kerry)..

look at my canaries.. finches..and otherbirds.
( the canary female has strange and amazing habits, such as : she breaks her eggs if anyone dares to look at her house trying to see the eggs!
And another thing, she isolates herself when her ‘husband’ dies! and never have fun with others or stay among them, she’s always hiding behind a house and only appears when she wants to eat, this’s her life until she dies, when you look at her in this situation you can feel like she’s crying!)

## My mother sends her regards, and apologizes for not writing nowadays, cause she’s busy in doing up our house..

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