Thursday, April 29, 2004


My father reached home now, he was so tired, all the roads to Al-Aadamiah neighborhood north of Baghdad were blocked, hundreds of cars are stuck there and American troops are seen, my mother said that her colleague’s son came to the school and took her home, he said ‘bad news.. A battle may begin’.. The people said that Al-Mahdi militia are distributing there.. Actually.. that neighborhood is always facing problems, I hope nothing happens and just rumors..I don’t believe in what the people say, but surely there is something there, may be American troops caught some insurgents, or checkpoints... I don’t know..
Let’s wait for the news..

UPDATE : I asked one of the residents in Al-Aadamiah neighborhood about what happened today, he said that the Fedayeen distributed on the streets and blocked the roads for some time and then went away, they were in their black dress..

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