Friday, April 16, 2004


Alhurra is a very good channel and presents neutral news, in addition to the interesting programs and reports.. but, I think it needs more correspondents, I enjoy watching the news on Alhurra channel, but during the last events in Iraq it wasn’t so active especially in the first days of these events, I was in Basra and I have nothing but the TV! So I followed nearly all the channels I have, when the news starts you’d see the despicable channels cover about Iraq news for more than 15 minutes then interviews and news from their mean reporters, they were very busy and preoccupied in how to distribute their poisons and take advantage of that ‘great’ chance for them to kindle the situation and play with Iraqis’ emotions…
While Alhurra was showing news so briefly.. you know.. when Iraqis heard such events were taking place they were certainly searching all the channels to find news about what was happening and then they were always forced to fall in those channels’ dragnets….
It’s so important for Alhurra to work harder and try to attract more and more people, their analysis is very good, but they must increase from their news and interviews.. this time is important for this channel, the beginning is so important.
Also their site should be improved to compete with others..

People need neutral news, analysis and interviews, Alhurra is doing all that well but needs more..
It’s enough to have two or three channels that make the people hear the news comfortably without tension and worry.. at that time the people will delete the ignoble channels forever…
People hear the news from the TV and from rumors! So if we can control the first one, the second will vanish..

I sent an e mail to Alhurra channel discussing all the above…

I’m sure this channel will be the best..

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