Thursday, March 18, 2004

Wake up... 

“ No it wasn’t a bomb.. it was a missile fired from a plane”
“ I don’t believe the explosion was due to a car bomb.. I heard many planes were flying around the area at that time”
“ NO.. it’s not a bomb, why the crater is inside the hotel ? those Americans bombed the hotel”..
AHHHH.. I grew tired from all of these bullshits, the people have started to blame the Americans for anything happened and will happen, tired from explaining the terrorists’ plans to change our minds and overturn our feelings towards the coalition, tired from trying to make them analyze anything happens before giving a judgment.. and when I ask them about what will the Americans gain from bombing; they don’t know how to answer, they just say that the Americans want to make us afraid and worried.. Nonsense..
I’m afraid the terrorists will succeed in making the people hate the coalition leading to much more troubles… Above all of that, I read a news on Al-Jazeera channel saying: “ the American army will use sound bombs to spread the fright in Iraqis’ hearts” what a poisonous words they use..
The coalition must defend themselves and they must increase the TV programs which explain what the coalition did and are doing and giving proofs about that..
Many people changed their minds about the war on terror, the press, the broadcasting and the TV must work harder to make them understand the terrorists’ thoughts.
The terrorists succeeded in changing a government.. yes .. Spain.. the first country who surrender..and they’ll withdraw their troops soon.. what a shame..just wait you Spanish for few years and you’ll see what will happen if the terrorists get stronger…huh.. you think you’ll be out of the woods…...NO..you’ll regret.
I’m afraid that another attack in another country will make them do the same as Spain, handling the world to the vileness of those terrorists.. just imagine that.
Now, let’s talk about the United States, what will happen if Mr.Kerry wins? Ha??

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