Thursday, March 04, 2004

Sadness and Happiness 

Hi friends,
Today I did something new.. I think.... Actually I decided to dedicate some of the donated money to help the poor families and their kids in Baghdad.. I know many families who have nothing but dignity and honesty… they are living in miserable places as you’ll see in the photos…
I made a tour to those neighborhoods and distributed many packets of chocolate among the kids, I was over flooded with happiness as I saw the cheerful children…
Every child said something grievous and gloomy.. I’m going to write their words with every photo..
Here we go:

^^^ Those kids said “ we don’t have a house.. we are living here in this tent, we built this wall to avoid dogs” and then his mother got out of the tent, looked at her sons and said to me “ thank you very much.. God bless you”.

^^^ This aged woman said “son.. I’m fasting and I don’t have the food to eat.. please I don’t have enough money to eat everyday.. we are living here long time ago.. I have grandsons and daughters”.. I gave her a packet..
Actually, this woman didn’t remember me, one day I gave her the lunch and she thanked me a lot.
Anyhow, she was very happy with the packet and the photo !

^^^ Those kids dwell in this poor place, they are the neighbors of the aged woman above.. their father is a farmer but he doesn’t earn enough money to rent a simple house so they are living here… what a life..

^^^ those kids with their father dwell in this area, they are building their ‘house’ with boxes and bricks, they said that they were forced to get out of their house in Al-Sadr city, because Saddam dictated that, he punished those families who made the ‘riot’ in 1999 after the assassination of their religious leader Mohammed Sadiq Al-Sadr, of course he was assassinated by Saddam’s thugs.

^^^ Another photo at the good-bye scene.

^^^ This poor girl asked me to give her another package cause she has many sisters and brothers, I gave her another one.. she thanked me so much..

^^^ A man brought this beautiful kid when he saw me there.. his father is handicapped and can’t work..

I promised those families to come again and bring some other things and toys for the kids, they were very very happy..

I wish the new government will pay attention to those poor people and dedicate a salary for every one to let them live like others, I hope that…

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