Tuesday, March 16, 2004

The meeting.. 

Regarding the meeting in Basrah.. it was boring this time, the head of the meeting was the general manager of the sport and youth institution in Basrah and he’s Shiite.. he’s very Shiite !! he talked for an hour about Al-Hussein and Imam Ali and continued his stories regarding Shia ..etc, he didn’t talk about his work as a manager and what are his plans that’ll help the youth there ! until one of the members asked him interruptedly: “ ehh.. sorry Mr. What about the new plans of the institution regarding the youth and how will you behave with those who don’t do their job honestly, cause I heard some bad news about those people ?”..
“ Oh.. yes.” He replied. “ We must work together like the great Imams” !! “ We must consider our conscience as a judge for all our works” “ We must remember what Imam Al-Hussein said……” and continued his old-fashioned and boring stories..
the problem here is that I couldn’t tell him “stop it and say something useful” cause nearly all the members were listening to his mesmerizing speech, they were very happy with that and forgot they were in a meeting and they had to ask him about what’ll happen in their district… I got bored and was about to leave the meeting, until one of the members asked about Basrah governor and there were many complaints about his work, the manager said : “ Oh.. yes . you reminded me, the governor of Basrah will be replaced, he or his officials are using their positions to make much money illegally, and there are investigations regarding this subject, we’re going to organize elections to elect a new governor instead of him”…
I waked up once I heard ‘elections’ and I’ve been glad to hear that, it was impossible to let the populace choose their governor, the governor was assigned not elected, Saddam was choosing his low men for such positions.
Then the officer said “ we arrested 17 terrorist were trying to enter the country, but there’re 83 entered, we’re questioning those terrorists to get the information helping us to arrest them.”.
Then an official entered suddenly and shouted “ TIME OF THE PRAYER” !! it meant they MUST end the meeting at once and go for the prayer…and they did !! Huh.. nonsense..
That was the meeting ! I told you it was boring !
BUT.. the important thing here is that the people are able to express their feelings and discuss with the managers their notions and even change the governor if he was dishonest. Yes.. we’re on our way to democracy and freedom, BUT, we must be aware, if these two words used randomly or without certain rules, we’ll destroy our country instead of building it.

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