Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Let's watch the trials.. 

Yesterday, I was watching Al-Iraqia channel, suddenly news drew my attention, the newscaster said “ … then the Iraqi police arrested those criminals and….”..
He broadcasted a robbery in the north of Baghdad : a boss of a school and her colleague came under a robbery when they were on their way with the salaries to the school, fortunately they didn’t kill them, the IP could arrest the robbers and they were showed on the TV.
Then a debate began with my parents and our neighbors about what punishment those robbers deserve.. actually most of them said those thieves must be executed to make all the bad guys who are free now to see their fate and give up crimes, and give the government some sort of power and let the citizens feel that there is a government and a Ministry of Interior..
The neighbors said “ Yes, they must be executed, and publicly in the streets to show the criminals what will happen if they dare to rob”
Another one said with nervousness “ they must be dangled by ropes on the pillars leaving them die slowly, then the crows eat their rotten corpses” !!
Actually, these opinions is very popular nowadays and you can hear it from many many Iraqis, the hatred and aversion even to a pickpocket boy.. They might kill him at once! Last month the people caught a thief in a neighborhood in the south of Baghdad, there were more than 15 man beating him! He was beaten nearly to death! Until the IP came across them and arrested the guy ( they saved him from the enraged people! ) ..
Now, let’s talk about what punishment they deserve, I think a repeal for the capital punishment isn’t a good proposal ( I heard that the Iraqi government will discuss such decision in the future ), criminals who kill intentionally must be executed, the death penalty is controversial in modern countries and we don’t want it to be discussed here in Iraq for now, the Ministry of Interior must go on with this penalty and those who steal must have a long term imprisonment, and it’s very important to broadcast some trials on the TV, the people over here need to rely on the government especially the security subject.
I emphasize on broadcasting the trials cause there are rumors saying ‘ they are just arrested for days and then set free, we didn’t hear anyone imprisoned or executed till now’ you know, bad news travels fast.. .. and such rumors is dangerous for the people and encouraging for the criminals, even make them stronger and rob people nonchalantly ..so the MEDIA is VERY effective now.

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