Monday, March 29, 2004


What’s going on at my blog?? IP addresses, ‘FROM’ and ‘IN’ problems!! Received emails saying that I’m not an Iraqi!!
I’m writing here to exchange thoughts and opinions between Iraq and the rest of the world, and then I read such silly responses! Hey.. you trolls ..why don’t you go and write in a separated blog? Here are respectable people who want to read what’s happening in Iraq and I’m telling what I see and hear and want to discuss that with those kind people, since November 2003 we built a great family in our blogs, so don’t spoil it with such suspicions and useless things.. Huh.. I’m ‘not an Iraq’ !! I think you can easily discover that if you did read the posts since November, watch the photos, notice the language , read the news that was written before it happened, …etc…… ( I think it’s absurd to discuss that..)……….

Finally: please anyone who don’t like what I’m writing just leave it and get out…. I’m sure you can press that (X) at the corner of your screen and close it.. it’s easy .. Just try it !!!

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