Monday, March 22, 2004


## I think what Israel did is wrong, wrong time, wrong way, this isn’t a way to perish the terrorists, Israel will make the region unstable in such operations.. I’m sure Hamas won’t keep silent..
Also, this operation will change the Iraqi people’ feelings, yes .. the people here will link between Israel and USA, I don’t know why always they consider USA is in charge of that ! you know, this is a great chance for some clerics to incite!
Poor USA, Israel kills a leader and the Palestinians carry banners saying “ Death to America” ! huh.. silly people..

## What’s happening in Basra nowadays?.. angry demonstrations ?
Unemployed people were demonstrating, I watched some scenes on BBC news ....
I said that many days ago, freedom is dangerous when it’s used improperly, Iraqis demonstrate for anything.. I hope the GC is studying all such problems and solve them as soon as possible..
Last month, many Health officials protested on the salaries, they weren’t satisfied with their salaries, few days later, the Ministry of Health changed the salaries system..
The people noticed that the squeaking wheel gets the oil !

## Also in Basra ..many blasts over there, it seems that that officer was right when he talked about the terrorists who entered Iraq..

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