Wednesday, January 07, 2004

What's up ?! 

Dear friends,
I sent an account no. of a bank in Iraq called 'the credit bank', this bank has an account in another bank in Jordan/Amman, I sent it to my friend Mr.Tom Villars, the kind and great man who helped me in improving my blog and now he is helping me in collecting money from paypal to be spent on paying internet fees and to buy a camera, or other useful things to improve my blog.
Mr. Tom Villars now is facing a trouble ( I am sorry Mr. Tom), he has posted the following on the Iraqi Blogger Technical Support the site was built by Mr.Tom to inform people about paypal donations.
" Update: A Mr. Wong from the US Treasury department spoke to me today about the wire transfer. He asked a couple questions about what the money was to be used for and besides telling him it was to help Iraqi bloggers, I asked him to read AYS's website. Right now he has the wire on hold, but said things should be cleared up by tomorrow (Tuesday Jan-06). Was a little surprised a $750 transfer tripped a threshold somewhere in the bowls of the US government that caused them to actively investigate what was going on. Have to give them a point for actually being on the ball and hopefully they don't earn a bunch of demerits for delaying the money transfer more than necessary. I'll keep everyone updated as developments happen."
So, if anyone can help Mr. Tom Villars in that, just send him an e mail.
I'd be very thankful to all the people who could help.

Update* The money transfer has been approved. More details can be found here

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