Saturday, January 31, 2004

Greater Bairam  

Tomorrow is a day of feast, the Greater Bairam which lasts for 4 days, so there is a vacation for 4 days, but the governing council gave Thursday as a holiday too so all the governmental institutions will have a vacation until Saturday.
More than 2 millions hajj are now in Mecca in Saudi Arabia to go on pilgrimage.
I want to explain what will they do today and tomorrow there:
All the pilgrims are in Mecca and going to move to Arafah mountain, they must reach there before sunset, they will stay near that mountain till the dawn then they’ll pray the ‘ dawn prayer’ then head to an area called ‘ AlMuzdalafah’, they are going to collect 21 stones and reach to an area called ‘Muna’ to pelt with these stones at 3 places in Muna, i.e seven stones at each place ( they throw them at Satan).
After that they’ll go back to Mecca and start the ‘Tawaf’ or the roving around Al-Ka’aba ( Allah’s house) seven times, then they’ll head to ‘Al-Safa’ and ‘Al- Marwah’ near Al-Ka’aba, they must trot seven times between these two areas.
If that is the first pilgrimage for the person, he must have his hair cut, otherwise, he can shave his beard and mustache only.
Then he offers an immolation ‘corban’ to Allah, so he can offer a sheep or ewe or anything else to deliver their meat to poor people.
After that he’ll take the white clothes off and put on his ordinary clothes then do the Tawaf again around Al-Ka’aba seven times too.
And that’s it.
Then all the pilgrims will return to their homes.
In spite of the exhausting trip and the ‘sevens’ there; they come back with cheerful hearts and wide smiles because they did a great work, visiting Allah’s house.
The psychological relief makes them forget all the fatigue !
However, that was the pilgrimage which occurs every year in this ‘Hijri’ month ‘ Thee AlHijjah’.
Of course I don’t believe in such things, but I like getting information about everything !
So tomorrow is Eid, And everyone says to the other ‘ Inshallah hajji’ which is (a wish for pilgrimage in the future by the will of God.).

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