Thursday, January 15, 2004

Dangerous Days.. 

Aaaahhh …Al-Sistani…I am sure you want us to be in a trouble.
What did you mean when you said that you’ve decided to make a government? Is this ‘Al-Sistani government’ accepted by ALL the Iraqi people? Who has told you that the Kurds and Sunnis agree with you?
I don’t like this person.. he should not put his nose in everything, he is not even an Iraqi!
And not all the Shiites agree with him..yes.. there are some Shiites groups who never follow him and do not agree with Al-Sistani to be their religious advisor, they say that he has no researches concerning Islamic knowledge, i.e they suspect in his knowledge.
Many others suspect in his relation with Saddam, how did he come to Iraq? Why Saddam left him and did not kill him like Muhammed Baqir Al-Sadr, Muhammed Sadiq Al-Sadr and may be Muhammed Baqir Al-Hakim?
There is another thing ... Where was Al-Sistani when Saddam was the president who killed his people and millions were suffering? Everyone was acknowledged about the mass graves, executions, oppression, unfair sentences and many other crimes.. all of that , according to Islam should be stopped, so if Al-Sistani wants to apply all his Islamic rules and can not bear the (Wrong), why didn’t he talk a word at Saddam’s face? Why? Why didn’t he say: this is tyranny and must be ended?
Also, Islam claims: if someone faced a tyrant and that tyrant executed him, Allah will see him as a martyr and will be awarded in paradise! and this martyrdom is a great thing , every Islamic leader wishes to be a martyr to get the paradise!
So if Al-Sistani is really..deeply believer; why didn’t he sacrifice for Muslims like others?
Speaking of those Islamic leaders, I think..or I am sure that they are all imposters, and they don’t care about anything but themselves.
Frankly talking.. I am worried about what will happen in the coming 6 months, before and after the elections of the Iraqi government and the way of elections, because if Mr.Sistani feels that this is unfair; he will certainly announce his f***ing word ‘Al-Jihad’ and we ( Iraqis and Americans) will face another war.. different war, which will be very dangerous.
When I said that not all the Iraqis follow Al-Sistani, I did not mean that he has no followers.. no.. he has hundreds of thousands of idiots ..sorry.. followers ! every follower don’t know his a** from his elbow, the followers will carry out Al-Sistani’s words at once, they think that they will be awarded by ‘Al-Jannah’ or the paradise if they do that.
So all of those followers will be brainwashed by just a click from Al-Sistani’s finger!
I am so concerned about all of that.. I hope the American government will deal with him carefully and smartly, because any mistake will not be forgiven by this Islamic leader.

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