Sunday, January 18, 2004


## Many readers asked me about the money transfer, today I went to the Credit Bank of Iraq, the official told me that they haven’t received the money yet, I asked her when it was going to be available, she told me to come on Tue. Or Wed. , because the money transfer passes through two stages to reach Iraq so it takes around a week to be received in Baghdad.

## There was something funny happened in the village here in Basra,
in the morning I was standing by the door of the health center watching at the pupils walking to get to their school…. When they saw me.. they were gazing at me with beautiful smiles.. then one of them waved at me exclaiming in English ‘ Hi Mister, Hiiiii…..’ !!
Another kid started to shout at his friends ‘ Come on…. He is British… come on’ !!!!
Then they started to pass in front of me !! and whispering to each other !!
They thought that I was British !!

I told my boss about the kids’ happiness when they saw me and thought I was British, then I asked her about the relation between the British soldiers and the residents of the village, she said:
“ They are very kind and cooperative, the children made friendships with them ! they were waiting for the British everyday, The people here are poor and kind-hearted, they were suffering so much under Saddam, many young men were imprisoned, executed or died during Iraq-Iran war, we are waiting for the progress here, I hope things will get better''

### It seems that some Iraqis have destructive genes in their bodies !!
Yesterday, a worker who was trying to repair the electric converter of our neighborhood, when he finished his work and the converter started working normally, he said: “ this converter is useless and if you continue to call us whenever it stops working, our boss will send us again to repair it only and will not agree to change it for you, those engineers are careless! the important thing for them is that the converters ARE WORKING, no matter whether they work properly or not”.
“ what can we do? Surely there are no new converters to be replaced.”.
he replied :
“ no.. they have new ones ..listen.. I will give you an idea: one of the neighborhood’s residents must go out at night and destroy the converter using a gun or anything else, then when you call us to repair it, the engineer will certainly agree to change it for you'' !
When I heard that I laughed.. but he said “ don’t laugh.. I am talking seriously…I swear ”.
Then I realized that he was really talking seriously !

Huh.. What a great idea !!!! destroying my neighborhood’s converter…! nonsense….

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