Saturday, January 03, 2004

Bad news, and...............Bad news !! 

Do you want the bad news first or the bad news !!
We went to the hell, sorry... To the village that we will work in, it is 45 minutes away from the center of Basrah and we saw the dental center, the dental chair is broken .. ..There is no civilization !! We can't go anywhere.. There is nothing to do ...
I saw something significant.. The people are tall .. Most of them are tall.. Do you know why?? Because there is a huge mass of mud stuck under their slippers !!!! Yes, there is mud everywhere.. We returned to the hotel in Basrah with brownish trousers!!
The boss told us that the dental chair will be changed as soon as possible.
On the bus I told Omar that I was concerned that we would lose our minds there !! And stop thinking !!
Anyhow, we sat down ( Omar, another friend and I) thinking and everyone said something good there.
The good things are:
- The house is newly built like the other houses in other medical centers, which is one of the plans of rebuilding hospitals, medical centers and doctors' houses.. These plans began a few months after the liberation.
- Omar, the other friend and I are at the same house.
These were the good things only.
There is another thing which is very very important and till now we don't know anything about it.. The internet access.. Some said that there were telecommunications there, others said 'forget it' !!
I will inform you about it later.
We will get back to Baghdad tomorrow morning.
I am really confused.. The greatest problem, for me, is the computer and internet access, I can't live without them.
I will post from Baghdad tomorrow..Bye.

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