Sunday, December 28, 2003

Something about Basrah.. 

Hi friends, we came back to Baghdad yesterday, I reached home at 8:00 PM.
I was very exhausted that I slept at once.

## I want to talk about the water in Basrah:
the people in Basrah were complaining for decades from the salty water that couldn’t be drunk, in addition to the diseases that might strike people drinking that water, such as an illness related to the colon, digestion disorders and constipation ..etc.
when the city is liberated by the coalition forces, Basrah witnessed an influx of many tankers carrying pure water, it was told that they came from Kuwait.
That was the first time when a pure water entered the city, poor Saddam, he couldn’t achieve such help for Iraqis; BUT, if he wanted to kill the people in Basrah he would do that immediately with his tankers carrying bombs, in hours.
Now, there are many places in Basrah that have pure water, not directly through the pipelines to the houses, but using many stations supplying the water and everyone can go there and supplied with it.
It is a very important step in improving the water supplement in Basrah.
Omar, Zeyad and I were wandering in Basrah, we saw many places with banners said ‘ R.O water’, we noticed that the most important changes that occurred in Basrah are the water and the electricity, the city is getting better and better.

Also I want to say an important thing concerning the people there, I DID NOT hear anyone complaining from the coalition forces .. I DID NOT hear anyone saying the word ‘ occupation’, the people are comfortable, pleased and waiting for more and more developing steps for their city and country.
Yesterday, we took a taxi in order to reach the garage in our way to Baghdad, the taxi driver looked like he didn’t know reading and writing and uneducated, BUT, I was astonished when I heard him saying “ What do they want from their attacks? Do they want to hurt them? No .. they are killing Iraqi people… so, do they want the Americans to withdraw their troops? No.. Americans will not do that until the area is safe and secure.
How can the companies come and build Iraq when those idiots are destroying and breaching the peace?”.
During that, I was talking to Omar, BUT, immediately I paid attention.. he was talking in reasonable and rational manner and much better than many politicians who are chattering and prating nowadays.

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