Monday, November 10, 2003

Your rights are kept 

This post is about the rights of Iraqi Jews, Iraqi Jews who suffered from persecution in the 1950s , before I begin my comment here is a simple historical view about what happened to them :
In 1941 there was a riot against them in Baghdad, 300 were killed and 6500 homes were damaged,some of them fled to Iran, others to India, then following the declaration of the Israeli statehood, headlines in Iraqi newspapers read “The fate of all Jews will either be the Grave or the Sea”.
Jews were falsely arrested ,imprisoned ,and many tortured and killed. Their homes were confiscated,and Jewish owned businesses were boycotted. The Jews suffered from the mass exodus in 1950-51 .

I am writing this because I hear many Muslims get crazy when they hear that Jews are coming to get back their rights ,houses and possessions .
I’ve been in multiple arguments with many people and I told them :” imagine that you were in a Jewish country and they drove you out of your estates and homes and out of the whole country ..then you got the opportunity to get back whatever was robbed from you , then what would you do? Wouldn’t you run and get your properties back? Why don’t you think about others ? What is this selfishness ?”
Another group said that we shall fight them ! I said “why?”, they said that we are Muslims and they are Jews and we must prevent them from entering our country!
I said “Muslims are seen as terrorists, because of such poisonous and destructive thoughts that you believe in ; there is no religion in the world that encourages fighting and killing. You and many narrow-minded people are brainwashed with such anti-social and intolerant behavior”.
Another man who is a taxi driver said “How can we let Jews and Christians enter our mosques and holy places? they are not clean ,not pure.”! I stopped talking to him because his face, hair and clothes can tell you that he has not taken shower for ages!

I am tired of debating about these topics with such people , and I lost a friend in a dispute about this subject.
On the other hand, I managed to convince other open minded Muslims of my thoughts.
So I will keep on talking to people around me, trying to explain the meaning of peace and cooperation with other religions .
What do you think? Am I right ?

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