Friday, November 14, 2003

Without Mercy.... 

Today, on my way to the clinic, I saw a guy, tall, black hair, and good looking but he showed sad facial expressions. There was something that attracted me……,
it was his ear, his ear was cut off from the upper portion.
At once I remembered Ali the man who was in our neighborhood, Ali had the same ear cut.
Also I remembered a mentally deranged man, he was hiking in Baghdad streets, he had the two ears cut and a burned forehead.
There are many others with these defects.
So, I thought of writing about one of the heartrending stories in Iraq:
If my memory serves me right, that was in 1994, Saddam Hussien gave an order to cut off the ear of any soldier who deserts the army!
Then he changed the order to be: ((Any soldier deserts the army must be arrested and his ear must be cut off, and if he does this again; the other ear must be cut off. For the third time burn his forehead.))!!
The burn should be a straight horizontal line in the middle of the forehead!!
I want to know if there is another monster in the world like the one we had 8 months ago!
Is there anyone who can give such an order? How can a man be punished by cutting off parts from his body? Even if he was a murder, there is a jail.
What was the crime when they did not accept to serve Saddam Hussien?
Where are the human rights?
There are hundreds of victims of this brutal order, some of them got insane, others died.
Did you know that there was another order stating that anyone heard saying anything bad about Saddam or laugh at a joke about Saddam or the government or complaining of anything related to this , his tongue would be cut off !!!
Many people were arrested and had their tongues or ears cut off, some of them died due to the brutal amputation WITHOUT anesthesia !Imagine the pain !
Many people had their tongues cut off because they laughed at a joke about Saddam, these people were unlucky because someone from Saddam's agents or Ba’athists had heard and reported them, such reports were getting to the ministry of interior immediately.
Also any doctor who refused to apply the instructions would be imprisoned and banned from his job.
How can we recompense those poor men ?
How can we make them forget those years of fear and persecution?
If medicine and surgery have succeeded to replace their lost parts , and treated them psychologically (for years), then how can we get them back their dignity and respect ??

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