Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Saving Grace 

I read this article in one of the newspapers published in Baghdad named (Baghdad Now), and I found it worthy to be republished in this blog.
Here it goes:
“The st. Catherine de Siena orphanage is a Catholic orphanage in eastern part of Baghdad, the orphanage is home to 30 children ranging in age from 7 to 17, the children were homeless, and taken in by the sisters of The st.Catherine de Siena orphanage.
The children rescued by the sisters of The st.Catherine de Siena were saved from a life of abject poverty and pain, the children are well cared for an educated under the watchful eyes of the Catholic nuns.
When the soldiers of the second battalion, 6th infantry regiment first discovered the orphanage, it was in a desperate of repairs.
The classrooms were in poor condition and the water delivery system was exposed to the elements creating a deadly health hazard.
The inhabitants of The st.Catherine also did not have consistent power due to faulty wiring and lacked fuel for their back up generator.
Together working with the staff at the orphanage, CPT Redmond, commander of headquarters and headquarters company 2-6 infantry quickly established a plan to improve living conditions.
The first priority was to get a power supply up and running several hundred gallons of diesel fuel were supplied to the orphanage for the generator, which put the orphanage on the path to refurbishment.
With power established repairs to the orphanage could begin their much-needed repairs.
Iraqi contractors were hired to assess the damage and the required repairs.

Armed with the contractor’s estimates, CPT Redmond, submitted a request to the US army and was granted
50 000 $. These funds would be used to replace broken windows, repair electrical wiring, replace doors, provide 10 much needed air-conditioning units and build an enclosure for the water delivery system in order to prevent disease.
With repairs to the orphanage ongoing the soldiers implemented a security plan. A facilities protection service (FPS) guard was permanently posted at the gate and an observation post established by the soldiers from the Gator Battalion, so the children would be able to go to sleep under the watchful eyes of law-abiding citizens.
After almost 2 months of hard work the repairs to The st.Catherine de Siena orphanage were completed on October 2nd 2003 .
Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the orphanage staff and the soldiers from 2-6 infantry, the future leaders of Iraq are on a path to prosperity.”
Great work

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