Friday, November 21, 2003


A couple of months ago, the coalition provisional authority (CPA) solved the problem of passports in Iraq by giving the citizens who don’t have passports, an interim travel document, because Iraq is not yet ready to issue traditional passport.
Below is a picture of the interim travel document:

Click here to see it

When you read the document, you can see that all countries should accept it as a legal document.
BUT when Iraqis have started to travel with that document, they were shocked by the border control officials telling them that they can not enter because the document is unacceptable by their government!
The miserable Iraqis returned to Iraq after the long exhausting trip from Baghdad to Amman (Jordan) by car.
They lost their money in a useless trip and came back disappointed, because all Iraqis were dreaming of traveling freely, but many countries do not want them to enjoy this freedom.
I heard that countries which accept this document are Jordan, Syria and Iran only!!
Many Iraqis traveled to Yemen, but they returned to Iraq, others want to travel to another countries, but they are afraid and hesitated.
A doctor in our neighborhood traveled to Yemen holding his travel document, when he reached there, they told him “ go back, you are not allowed to enter using this paper”!

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