Saturday, November 08, 2003

Freedom is Responsibility 

Unfortunately, many people explain the freedom that has been given to us the way they like, some of them are looting from governmental buildings..Stealing whatever they want and saying ”this is freedom “,”these are our rights from the previous government “, others are building new houses wherever they want without a license and they say ” this is freedom “, others are not obeying policemen and drive however they want, some people are not organizing themselves in queues and preferring the mess and fuss wherever they go saying that ” this is freedom “ , driving in wrong directions in order to save time ! and again: ” this is freedom “.
I want to tell those idiots that this is not freedom this is anarchy and chaos .
Two days ago, a patient came to my dental clinic , he was dirty with offensive odour , looked like a beggar .. after he sat down on the dental chair he started talking about an accident he had with his CAR !! I said “ do you have a car?!” he said “yes, doctor”, at once I concluded that he was a thief (( in slang known as Hawasim , a name derived from Saddam’s description to the coming war at that time as Al-hawasim which means The Decisive War , after the end of the war ,everyone whom seen in the loot and robbery is called ‘Hawasim’ !!
Back to the patient .. I told him “ what accident” he said “ yesterday I was driving in ‘alkasra’ ‘ a neighborhood in the north-east of Baghdad’ with my PATROL and there was a traffic jam , so I went up the sidewalk and I drove along it passing all the cars then suddenly ANOTHER car went up the sidewalk when I couldn’t keep away from it then I hit that car and the two cars were badly damaged” “I blame the policeman for that accident” he said.
I said “ policemen are doing their best to control such cases, it was your fault” .
He said “no.. this is freedom .. I do whatever I want to do”!!
I was so angry that I wished to plant the probe in his eyes.
Then I referred him to another dental clinic , because he did not deserve any type of help .
That was one of thousands of stories which make me feel that these people will never learn to behave like human beings .
I look forward to letting the FREE people to think even for one minute a day about freedom and use it correctly and wisely.

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