Sunday, November 09, 2003

A Disaster in Aanah 

Aanah is a city located 450 km to the west of Baghdad in Al-Anbar province, it is a quiet city, characterized by its rugged nature with large empty areas .
My brother’s friend is one of the city’s residents,he was in our house yesterday , he told us that 5 days ago there was a bank burglary and break-ins to governmental institutes ,they robbed money and cars, they were approximately 80 to 90 armed gunmen armed with RPGs and AK47s, the raid lasted for minutes, then they fled like ghosts!
Many people identified two of the thieves ,they said that they were working in the city as taxi drivers, and they were not Iraqis ;they were from Afghanistan living in Iraq.
Others said that all of them were from Afghanistan ,as they dressed and looked differently.
I think that this type of robbery will happen again in such cities unless there is a strong force which protects Iraq borders and prevents crimes .
Many neighboring countries do not want Iraq to live in peace, and do not want to see any progress, because they are afraid that their people would be liberated as well(Losing their chairs!! ).
Anyhow, the CPA and the governing council must pay attention to this sad and dangerous story and work hard to solve the problem of the open borders to prevent any other attacks.

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