Saturday, November 08, 2003

The certificates 

On September 2, both the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs started giving the endorsed certifications and documents to the students who graduated.
During the ex-regime , the process was impossible, We should pay millions of Dinars to get these documents! especially doctors,dentists,engineers and others. Saddam was keeping them (imprisoned them )inside the country ,of course if Saddam gave them their certificates; all Iraqis would go abroad leaving him alone in Iraq.
I know a friend who was trying to FLEE from Iraq, he was a doctor ,from a poor family (four brothers and a mother),his father died in Iraq-Iran war “martyr”, so he decided to travel to find a job in order to help his family to stay alive! Because our salaries were 1.5 dollar a month!
He prepared his passport (of course a fake one ,because doctors were banned from going even one meter outside of Iraq !).
Many people managed to flee Iraq using a fake passport, but unfortunately, at the borders, the Iraqi security forces arrested him for having a fake passport, he tried to explain his problem to them but they would not listen.
The miserable doctor was imprisoned in “AlRadwanya jail”, an infamous place where inmates were getting tortured and those who were lucky to be set free would return home with physiological or psychological defects.
The poor doctor was supposed to be imprisoned for SIX years ! yes six years … otherwise paying nine million Iraqi Dinars bail !! Imagine that.
Anyhow, he spent 8 months in the prison with a continuous torture, then he was released when his family collected enough money from selling their house to set him free.
After 4 months the doctor tried again! What a bravery !
Yeah.. he was thinking that he had nothing to lose ..
He prepared his passport and ran away from Iraq .
I wish I could hear good news about him .
Now after the liberation we can get our certificates paying 10 thousands Iraqi Dinars only. This is great!

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