Monday, November 24, 2003

The cause was a joke 

In Islamic traditions, when a person die, his parents should write an obituary on a piece of a black cloth so that to inform people about his death, so everyone would read it and pray upon his soul, in addition to the 3 to 7 days of consolation in a Mosque or at his house.
Under Saddam, when someone was executed it was forbidden to do all of that.
Below is a consolation done a few months ago, I’ve translated the Arabic language, I hope it will be clear in English.

Alfatiha/The remembrance to the death of the deceased, the Pediatrician
Dr.Hisham Mahir Al-Salman
Was executed in Nov -21- 1988 in an accusation of laughing at a joke about Saddam Hussien.
He is a father of Dr.Mahir and the father of Dr.Zaed Tariq’s and the engineer Ammar Al-Dujaily’s wives.
We are to Allah and to him we belong

That was one of millions of Iraqis who were the victims of the beast.

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