Saturday, November 08, 2003


My name is A.Y.S , male, Iraqi . I work as a dentist .
Frequently , I was dreaming of having a simple page to post my ideas , thoughts and opinions , but I couldn’t find what I was looking for .
I am so exited to find this great site ( http://www.blogger.com) which will guide and help many people to post and discuss whatever they think and debate with others( ESPECIALLY Iraqis) .
So we are very thankful to the blogger.com staff .
Finally , I want to say that I will be posting everyday or every two days depending on the available time ,and please be accustomed to my writing style as I am not a native speaker.

Obviously it has not been possible to find such a site without a help , so I gratefully acknowledge my debt to Dr.Zeyad as he provided a useful starting-point for my first blog ,and again I want to record my thanks to him for his help.

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