Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Hi there! 

I went to bed at 10 and now its 12:00 AM and I can’t sleep, I turned on the laptop and didn’t know what to do with it, as we (my laptop and I) are having some issues these days (‘he’ is getting slower everyday). No complaints though, anything you find online is definitely more interesting than watching the ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ or ‘Fashion Police’.
I decided to read some blogs about Iraq. I came across iraqataglance blog and remembered that it was mine! So I decided to write a couple of lines.
Let me start by saying I LOVE NYC and I enjoy every part of it. I moved to NY few months ago and I’m enjoying my life here (it’s just too expensive!).
I started studying for my dental board exam last month and I’m stuck with Anatomy. Every time I flip a page I feel like the rest of the book is getting thicker! Hopefully I will make it this month and flip the last page to start another boring journey with a different required material for the exam.

Now, what’s going on in Iraq? Another suicide bomber killed and injured tens of Iraqi pilgrims today. This is not the first time people are being targeted by suicide bombers during festivals.
I don’t understand why people insist on gathering in thousands and make their way on foot to a city more than 50 miles away from Baghdad on the ‘Arbaeen’ (a commemoration of some revered relative of Mohammed, the prophet of Islam)? They know they could be in danger, then why the hell do they jeopardize their lives? Drop it for a couple of years and do whatever you want to do when the country is safe.

Who’s responsible for these attacks? groups? Countries? Or political parties fighting over parliamentary elections?

I talked to my parents and they sounded no different than what they used to say 5 years ago: No electricity, no safety, water is polluted, corrupt politicians…. Etc. I just want to know only one remarkable change this government has achieved since it came to power.

Excuse me now, the daily show with Jon Stewart just started! My favourite 

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