Thursday, October 16, 2008

From Iraq to an island in the Mediterranean Sea passing through Turkey, spending 3 years trying to settle down, and when it didn’t work I left that island to the United Kingdom where my biggest misfortune and disappointment were.
Not many countries left for me as an Iraqi trying to start a peaceful life in a free country; therefore I decided to try to get a visa to the United States, hoping that I could settle down there.
I applied and here I am in the states starting from square one. I arrived at JFK airport two weeks ago.
All I care about is getting a place where I could reside freely as long as I want, no laws change, no residencies expire, no scaring news saying: you might be sent back to Iraq as your country is ‘getting better’, I am sick of this. Nobody is trying to understand that Iraq is falling in the hands of Islamic gangs, and there’s no place for free Iraqis there and there will never be.

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