Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Dear friends,
Today I opened my blog’s email and found many emails asking about me and the reason I stopped blogging. I can not apologize enough for not replying as I stopped checking my blog and this email for almost a year.
The rapid and crazy events that have been going on in Iraq since 2006 are difficult to analyze and the future is not easy to predict.
One of the reasons that I stopped blogging is that my country became a religious state, I hear that from my parents and friends as the media does not cover such news. In 5 years, people became so fond of Islam with more and more black and white turbans and unshaved beards seen everywhere.
Well, I am in the United Kingdom, arrived Dec. Last year. I’ve been through difficult time over the past 8 months for personal reasons.
I hope I could start blogging again soon.
Thanks a lot

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