Sunday, November 05, 2006


Finally, He was sentenced to death by hanging.
I was waiting impatiently for Saddam to show up, he should have stood up during the reading of the verdict, but as I expected, he has not, he squared his shoulders and refused to stand up. He looked astonished and apprehensive, then went on shouting after reading the verdict: ‘Allahu Akbar, Ash AlSh’ab, Almaot llMuhtallen….’ [ God is great..long live the people..death to the occupiers].
I was watching it alone in my flat, honestly, tears flew down my face as the judge announced the ‘death by hanging’ sentence, I don’t know why! Yes, he destroyed my country, killed people, ruined everything, squandered our fortune, and dispossessed tens of thousands of Iraqis and many uncountable crimes. But I feel sorry for him today!
I wonder what’s going on in Iraq right now, and what will happen after the curfew is over?

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