Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Power Of Force 

In a café downtown yesterday, my friends and I were discussing the situation in Iraq and how it is getting worse day by day. The topic of conversation was about Islam : ‘The Pope is completely right about Islam’ V. said, an Iraqi Christian friend; ‘Yeah, even early Muslims stated that Islam spread by Khadeja’s money and Ali’s sword’ I replied opening an interesting and complicated subject.

Our guest was R. an Iraqi Christian who just came from Iraq. ‘My sister is compelled to wear ‘hijab’ (the headscarf) even when she goes out to the porch, our neighbourhood is so dangerous and we are so scared of those Islamic groups’. Said R. miserably, he stunned us with unbelievable events in Iraq, which were never mentioned in any newspaper or TV channel.
‘Yes, my sisters too, they were warned by the neighbours’ added G. another Iraqi Christian friend of mine.
‘Taliban movement is taking place in Iraq, terrorists are controlling the country, and the government is so fragile’ I said with disappointment.
The antifeminist Islamic nature just started in Iraq, by compelling the women to wear the headscarf, even if she was a Christian! It is a Must, believe it or else..
They say that Islam protected the woman and fully respected her. Yes, by repressing her rights and being inferior to the man.
I wish some Muslims read this post and can leave USEFUL comments regarding this topic, without cursing and calling me an infidel.
(Being out of Iraq makes me feel a little safer in speaking my mind on such matters; you never know what could happen to you in Iraq, should you dare express your believes and opinions).

How did Islam give women their rights? By saying {Marry women of your choice, Two or three or four……or a captive…} sura 4:3 (Sura means a chapter in the Koran)
Or {..to the male, a portion equal to that of two females..} In regards to inheritance. And {Men are the maintainers of women…….to those disloyal and ill-conducted women; admonish them, refuse to share their beds, BEAT them…..Allah is great}! Sura 4:34 , Muslims defend this verse by saying ‘Allah meant beating them lightly and not at the face’!!!! Yeah. Perhaps to them this is respect, compassion, love for their women! By this verse alone, you see tens of thousands of women are getting abused, from as far as Afghanistan to Morocco, with no mercy, and all because it is mentioned in the ‘holy’ book about how to handle such cases. First you advise her, if it did not work, go ahead, and blow her head.
Here is another one {Stay in your houses and do not show a dazzling display} (no make-up). Sura 33:33, and several other suras, will discuss them in the new upcoming blog.
That is in addition to Mohammed’s sayings and deeds of considering women as evil (in spite of his extreme interest in them!).
Ali Bin Abi Talib (his cousin) said: ‘the entire woman is an evil, and the worse thing is that she is a necessary evil’, how rude and misogynous.
Arab women before Islam were highly respected and often intervening disputes, making important decisions, carrying out business transactions, especially trading like Khadeja (Mohammed’s first wealthy wife, he was married to her for 15 years and she was the only wife. After her death he started his joyful trip in women’s world).
Sadly, the Muslim woman is repressed now, along those 14 centuries, she had been deprived from her rights and is getting flogged and lapidated in some countries, I can’t forget that public beheading video clip of a Muslim woman in Afghanistan (or Saudi Arabia, I am not sure), because she ‘committed a wrongdoing’. Whereas you can notice the word ‘forgiveness’ in the Bible mentioned in many occasions and for the above incident, you can somehow find a similar story: {your sins are forgiven} Luke 7:48, {your faith has saved you, go in peace}Luke 7:50. And when the Pharisees arrested a woman, after committing adultery, and brought her to Jesus, He said {He who is without sin among you, let him throw the first stone at her………woman, where are your accusers? Did no one condemn you?.........neither do I condemn you. Go your way. And sin no more} John 8:3-8:11. No sword, no beheading, no horrible acts, Just go and do not do it again.
Anyway, there is no need to compare, we know that the difference is huge.

Iraq was liberated from the tyranny and dictatorship, and fell in a deep hole of sickening disgusting Islamic laws, which will get the country back to Muhammed’s ages. A secular Iraq under Saddam is going to be an Islamic country under Hakeems, Sadrists, Sunnis, Wahhabis…and whoever keeps his beard growing nowadays to be the upcoming Ayatollah or Sheikh Al-Muslimeen. I am waiting for the next liberation, which is much more difficult to be achieved, the liberation of Muslims from Islam.

The number of Iraqis who are leaving the country is increasing dramatically, maybe more than Saddam’s days, Iraqi asylum seekers will fill the world (except US and GB, for obvious reasons.. I learned that 99% of Iraqis are getting rejected in England, months earlier they were about to get deported in the midst of those crazy waves of violence, as ‘they have no serious case’, its like saying: go back to your country, and if they kill you, come back here coz you’ll have a serious case by then!

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