Friday, August 19, 2005

* It seems that some of you did not get the idea of the previous post and began to list the number of attacks done by Non-Muslims and write them down happily!
The most weird one is this:
"Ays, listen. Read a little. If you have time to go to the Net and upload your whining then you can also take the time to read the more than 10 million pages of historical data.

For example, was it not a female Tamil Tiger who blew herself up and killed India's Prime Minister Rajiv Ghandi? Many civilians were also killed in the attack. As far as I know, Tamils are not Muslim.

And was it not the Tamils who created the idea of the suicide belt of explosives?

What of the Viet Minh who used suicide attacks - death volunteers - to expel the French occupiers in Southeast Asia? I was not aware the Vietnamese had converted to Islam.

There are many more examples of suicide attacks not executed by Muslims. The most significant that comes to mind is that of the Japanese Kamikaze pilots who sunk many a US warship and crippled the USS Saratoga.

The Knights Templar - perhaps as close to fanatic Christianity as you can get - blew up an entire ship carrying 110 Christian knights in the hopes of killing 10 times that number of Muslims. They succeeded.

The Net is a wonderful educational tool. Use it.

And to the readers of Iraqi blogs, always take what you read with a grain of salt. Not everything every "free" Iraqi is saying is gospel.
Truth about Iraqis"

I say:
There is a difference between acts done by individuals, and others done based on ' a holy order', written in the ' holy book' and explained in tens of books..
SO THE RELIGIOUS BOOKS ARE GOOD EDUCATIONAL TOOLS, YOU CAN READ THEM AND COMPARE, when you finish them come and put another comment!

I liked this comment, this is the reader who reads carefully and gets the point:

"Christian's look at life as a gift from God. As such to take your life or someone else's is the ultimate sin. This would only ensure your soul's damnation for eternity. Muslim extremist's seem to see life as a unfortunate stop before their kind of paradise. How sad...........

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