Friday, May 14, 2004

Also about Muqtada.. 

“To kill Americans and their allies (civilians and military) is an individual duty for every Muslim who can do it in any country in which it is possible to do it...”..Osama bin Laden..
It’s not just a request to his followers, but it’s regarded as a holy order and they must do it because their leader said that, they consider him the real man who defend Islam and so doing what he says is the right way to get the ‘Paradise’! Because of his barbaric acts and words all the world is insecure, any person in any country might be bombed or ( the favorite way for them) beheaded.. in any time..
I want to ask those who say ‘OBL is supported by the united states and he does whatever they want’ AND ‘ they bombed their own buildings in Sep.11 using Osama bin Laden to justify a war in any country they want to occupy’ !!! as that idiot who’s one of Muqtada’s thugs when the LBC channel asked him about Al-Qaeda and OBL and terrorists’ attacks, the idiot interrupted by saying ‘ I don’t believe in a man called OBL’ !!!! the announcer surprised ‘ what about the Sep 11 attacks and ...’ .. ‘ I don’t believe’ he replied..!
There are many idiots like this one all over the world ! I don’t know how they explain their ‘great belief’..
However, let’s talk about our new mini-OBL in a new style; Muqtada, the beloved leader of thieves and murders, his man in Basra ( the monkey.. AlBahadli) announced that they need ‘brave’ men to commit suicide attacks, and they are waiting for them in Al-Sadr office there..
I want to say an important thing here, where is Al-Sistani in this critical time? why doesn’t he declare ‘fatwa’ to forbid the fighting? We don’t hear anything about Al-Sistani except in making objections to decrees regarding the new government and the constitution ! His aide is satisfied with only declaring to ‘leave’ the ‘holy city’ and not ‘stop the chaos that this militia are causing’..
The people are upset from what M.’s thugs are doing.. I was always saying ‘ I want the fight to continue in order to get rid of those thieves’ but I also say ‘ they are tens of thousands, how can the American troops kill them all?’ ..I think the best way now is to arrest or kill the insane first then killing his followers..
Now, M’s thugs are in Al-Najaf, exactly in the cemetery which witnessed a part of the uprising in 1991 against the ex-regime, Saddam, the specialist in such things, killed and buried them all in few days! Including women and children.. Now, Muqtada’s men are trying to do the same thing, because they know very well that the united states never do what Saddam had committed, and so they are using the shrines as shields..
In Falluja the insurgents were using the Mosques and now the thieves are using the cemetery then when anything happened to the tombs ( arranged and built in a way that let those men have very good places to hide!) The clerics and people shown on the Arabic channels crying for that, and the poor Americans are always the victims.. I bet those thugs will fire at the tombs and shrines, because they trust in the Arab media and the foolish people..
M’s thieves took over the police station there and robbed all the arms and ammo....I don’t know how we’ll be able to rule this country after June 30, we need the United States for support...

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